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The One

The Matrix》: The answer is out there...Its looking for you and it will find you if you want it to.

Cloud Atlas》: I can't explain but...I knew you are Sonmi-451...Yesterday, my life was headed in one direction; today, it is headed in another...Yesterday, I believed I would never have done what I did today. I feel something important has happened to me. Is this possible? I've just met her and yet I've fallen in love with...You fall, I will catch you...I believe there is another world waiting for us...A better World and I will be waiting for you there.

Alone Publishing 《一人出版社
只有虛無能抵擋虛無。 — 小宇宙

《Your Name》: I wrote your name in the sky but the wind blew it away. I wrote your name in the sand but the waves washed it away. I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay. — Jessica Blade

Small Minds Discuss People. — Eleanor Roosevelt

有情有義有所依 • 無慾無求無憂愁。 — 金庸

《火星的濫情 • 金星的愛情》: 人在心不在,有什麼意思? 留得住他的人, 但留不住他的心,和跟一個沒靈魂的軀殼在一起有什麼分別? — 梁佩瑚 • 《食住等》: 是對還是錯?是有意沒誠?— 糊塗人

Great Minds Discuss Ideas. — Eleanor Roosevelt

她不怕等待。等待可能是最好的時光,比得到本身還要好,因爲得到之後只有失去。就有了,會有了,就在眼前,但你不伸出手去,像伫立雪原一樣的等雪花落在臉上。因爲一切都不合理,更不用解釋,不過是瘋了— 那就去瘋吧。只有瘋子是快樂的。 — 沈意卿

他們兩個都知道: 就算彼此都想著彼此,也不會有什麼結果的。— 好奇者

PixNet 痞客邦
《The Song of Heaven》: Wait aweather for three thousand years; I am the silent Heaven • Watch you wandering; shuffle between the World of dead end alleys • You may forget about your original intent; I cannot help but keep my love • I ride on the wind to come; just to give you a promise • Almighty like me; willing to give all my youthfulness • Turn into endless waiting; cast in stone like an oath.  — 扎西拉姆·多多

《桃紅柳綠,生張熟李》: or we compliment each other like some prostitutes.

十萬個門關著 — 無妨,只要有一戶開著。 十萬個窗關著 — 無妨。只要有一扇開著。十萬個人都陌生又何妨,只要有一人熟識。就像十萬盞燈都滅掉。這世上仍有你,獨自在我心頭亮著。 — 陳義芝

She craved for love all her life. — Coco Shen

Average Minds Discuss Events. — Eleanor Roosevelt

我欲與君相知,長命無絕衰。山無陵,江水為竭。冬雷震震,夏雨雪。天地合,乃敢與君絕。 — 無名氏

Yes, Dear? 《雪原奔火
《如意歌》:人有人意,我有我意,合得人意,恐非我意。合得我意,恐非人意。人意人意,恐非天意。合得天意,自然如意。如意如意,萬事如意。 — 程璧光

隨緣自適 • 煩惱即去》: 隨,不是跟隨,是順其自然,不怨恨,不躁進,不過度,不強求。 緣,無處不有,無時不在。你、我、他都在緣的網絡之中。 有聚有散,有始有終。緣是一種存在,是一個過程。隨緣更是一種待人處事的思維方式。  緣動則心動,心動則緣起;緣來好好珍惜,緣去淡淡隨緣。隨緣一世,一世隨緣。— 無名氏

Outside look is a bonus; inside happiness is critical...don't forget to dress like 23; act like 13; and feel like 03. :)

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