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M Theory @ Topia Greenergy

Who am I?

I am one of the infinite conscious observers called dark matter in cosmological physics or spirit (aka pure egoin religious beliefs who resides in a multi-dimensional singularity (aka 太極 in 易经inside the multi-verse 11th dimension (or heaven).

My soul is my commuter vehicle which travels inside an Einstein-Rosen bridge (or wormhole) that connects the 11th dimension and this 4 dimensional spacetime instance. At the end of the wormhole to this instance, there is a resonant gateway (aka hyper dimensional stargate) called the third eye that regulates the opening and closing of that wormhole. 
Where am I coming from and going to?

I commute from the 11th dimension to this instance of 4th dimension to observe...

As soon as my soul docks the Pineal Gland inside my brain, my body will be booted up to the awakening mode. In this mode, everything is possible because everything exists within me. My thought triggers enlightenment (aka quantum entanglement or quantum superposition) and collapses all possibilities into my projected reality (or material world)...Now, its another day and life goes on! 

Periodically, in my unconscious meditation (aka sleep) or conscious sleep (aka chakra  meditation or ) mode, I travel to other hyper dimensions and recharge my battery (aka acquire dark energy, vacuum energy, Kundalini chakra energy,   or cosmological constant) at the same time.

Why am I here?

In addition to observe, I am here to absorb cosmic energy (aka dark energy or chakra energy)...

To absorb cosmic energy, I practice meditation (aka high frequency resonance technique). As I meditate, my soul sparks the neurotransmission in my Kuhndalini up along my spine. Then, chakra energy (or  in 氣功) activates my pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, thymus, and pineal. Thus, I begin to see a glow, like an orb, when I gain control over my bodies endocrine (glandular) systems, as Dr. Scwaller talked about at the Temple of Man in Karnak, Egypt. My light body essence becomes that orb for inter & hyper dimensional space travel. My light body essence (or consciousness) is immortal in nature.

All animate and inanimate matters in this universe share the same fundamental unit of existence. Its cosmic energy (aka Prana) at different frequencies of vibration. My body-mind complex has an underlying electromagnetic field that connects to my consciousness.

What do I know?

Also, I am here to acquire knowledge, to arouse my curiosity, to think outside the box, to use my imagination and to create...

Here are the things I know: 
  1. Knowledge is my accumulative experience stored in my memory bank 
  2. Intelligence is to be aware of what knowledge I don't have and strive to acquire it 
  3. To create, I cannot stop questioning and wondering.
How do I know?

After non-stop acquisition of knowledge, questioning without hesitation, imagination without boundaries and wondering all the time, I know everything in the singularity is energy with particular frequency of vibration. Essentially, there are 3 levels of energy in this spacetime instance:
  1. Marginal (or spiritual) energy which comprises the infinitesimal sparks of consciousness (aka Jiva)
  2. Superior energy which manifests the spiritual realm
  3. Inferior (or natural) energy which manifests this material world.
The marginal energy is the immortal essence of a living being. When my Jiva chooses to associate with matter and identify with the inferior energy, it manipulates inferior energy for sensual enjoyment. As a result, my projected reality comes to exist. The superior and inferior energy together is called the separated material energy (aka Krishna).

The superior energy consists of 3 subtle elements: mindintelligence and false egoThe false ego grows out of the identification with my:
  1. Thoughts (aka Budhi or intellect)
  2. Mind (or emotions)
  3. Body (aka senses).
It has the potential of being perverted (or corrupted) by intellect waves, mental vibrations, and sense impressions. This raw and eccentric ego with its egocentric desires and egoistic memories destroy consciousness by denying inner peace. 

The inferior energy includes 5 gross elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether (aka quintessence or fifth element). These elements are associated with the five object senses and act as the gross medium for the following experience of sensations:

  1. Earth is created by all the other elements and can be perceived by all five object senses - hearingtouchsighttaste, and smell
  2. Water has no odor but can be heard, felt, seen and tasted
  3. Fire can be heard, felt and seen
  4. Air can be heard and felt
  5. Ether (aka Akasha) is the medium of sound but is inaccessible to all other senses.
It also interacts with the 5 knowledge senses as follows:
  1. Eyes for sight
  2. Ears for hearing
  3. Nose for smell
  4. Tongue for taste
  5. Skin for touch (or feel).
In addition, it controls the following 5 working senses as well:
  1. Hands
  2. Legs
  3. Stomach
  4. Rectum
  5. Genitals.
These twenty-four elements constitute the field of activity of my material body of Jiva. In this 4 dimensional instance, my consciousness is in a dormant state covered by the gross and subtle material elements as soon as my soul docked my brain. The pure ego in the material world desires to exploit material nature, and the false ego is the identification of the self as separated from Krishna.

My material nature is endowed with the three qualities (aka gunas or modes): goodness, passion and ignorance. When these three qualities combine and permutate, they create many varieties of consciousness, just as the combinations of the primary colors red, yellow and blue create many colors. Conditioned by the three modes, the living being adheres to a certain kind of faith, preference and food; enjoys a particular type of understanding, determination, happiness and knowledge. My tendency towards a particular type of work is determined by the modes of my material nature. 

Generally, the mode of goodness conditions one to happiness; passion to fruitive action; and ignorance to madness. All three modes bind one to the cycle of repeated births and deaths. "This divine energy of Mine consists of the three modes of material nature. It is difficult to overcome but those who have surrendered unto Me can easily cross beyond it" Krishna says.

While exploiting the gross and subtle elements, the superior energy forgets its real spiritual mind and intelligence. This forgetfulness is due to the influence of matter upon the living being. When the living being becomes free from the influence of the illusory material world, it attains the stage of liberation. Under the influence of material illusion, the false ego thinks, "I am matter, and material acquisitions are mine." Only after it is liberated from all material contamination, its actual position can be realized and becomes fully Krishna conscious

My spirit is temporarily covered by the eight material elements while my soul is docked in my brain. The only thing that my consciousness can perceive is my projected reality. Thus, it looks for pleasure through the ego, the intelligence, the mind and the 3 senses (i.e.: object, knowledge and working). Through the eye, the spirit is searching for some beautiful object to enjoy. Similarly, through different senses, my consciousness is searching for different sensual objects to enjoy. When these experiences come through the senses, the mind is being controlled by those experiences. The mind is relating to those experiences in terms of enjoyment and suffering: “I don’t want this because this is causing me suffering; but I do want this because it is causing me enjoyment.” 

When a beautiful object, that is actually harmful, appears in front. The mind says, “I want this, I want to enjoy this.”  However, the intelligence fixed in knowledge says, “No. This is an illusion. Enjoying this is like licking the honey on the edge of a razor blade. You might enjoy little, but then you will suffer.” On the other hand, the intelligence not fixed in knowledge would figure out all kinds of strategic, decisive plans to somehow or other get that object of enjoyment.

Every day experience is a projected reality where things only appear to be separated in time and space. In a deeper reality, we are all members of the same body. When one part of the body moves, every other part is instantly affected. Separation is an illusion. We exchange portions of our energy fields with each other when we come into contact, therefore we remain inseparably connected at all times. There is a dimension of reality where we are all inseparably ONE